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Music and such

2017-08-23 18:31:49 by Shadow-Colt

Alright everyone who hopefully gives these little blogs a look!

Right now I have been making a valient effort to keep producing music on this site. Since I am most familiar with it's systems and overall fanbase. Though I will say I am considering taking my music further, perhaps bandcamp or youtube. Anyways I would love to keep making music with the thought of people actually following it and wanting more naturally. That's where you the community come in! Comment, Rate, Send me a message if you wanna use my music in some cool project!! Whatever it looks like, I just want to have a two way communication with the community and know that most of my words come in Music but more importanty I do respond to you the listeners :).

With that in mind I'm sure you might be wondering "Why are the genres all over the place?" "Where did you go for countless years?" "Why are their songs with J-Warrior in the title?"  Too answer those simply, I love all sorts of music and will produce whatever I am feelin at the time I guess lol. Mostly I run these songs by my close inner circle before posting so no worries they won't be ear bleeding songs! Secondly I have been busy bouncing between school, choir, work, and just life in general. I am currently figureing out ways of improving my home recording area and trying to get a job because I need monies in order to keep doing this sort of thing believe it or not. Finally I used to title myself J-Warrior waaay back when, for a variety of reasons. First letter of my name is J and also I am a christian so I guess being young I figured "J" could = Jesus XD. Still christian for the record though guys so you might hear the occasional religious piece too ;P

That is all from me for now. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or anything that comes to mind :D Thanks for the listen and keep being awesome!


I'm Back!

2017-07-25 01:20:29 by Shadow-Colt

Hello Newgrounds!

I have been very absent of late and that is mostly due to life and lack of audio equipment. Now that being said I want to try my hand once again at the music world in NG. Considering the world of music is oh so competitive and only very few have actually launched into careers from here, I am for the moment considering this my experimentation ground.

My main software choice is Magix Music Maker and through it I am creating a lot of melodies from scratch and working with some of it's many pre sample selections of drums, crashes, and bass drops basically.

Again if you are reading this I am fully appreciative of the effort of your ear drums to experience both the very old and the very new selections of music I have to offer!

Seriously my first song ever is down in the 2008 section lol. 

Looking forward to hearing back from anyone and everyone who has a listen! Enjoy the sounds and keep it epic!!