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Entry #2

Music and such

2017-08-23 18:31:49 by Shadow-Colt

Alright everyone who hopefully gives these little blogs a look!

Right now I have been making a valient effort to keep producing music on this site. Since I am most familiar with it's systems and overall fanbase. Though I will say I am considering taking my music further, perhaps bandcamp or youtube. Anyways I would love to keep making music with the thought of people actually following it and wanting more naturally. That's where you the community come in! Comment, Rate, Send me a message if you wanna use my music in some cool project!! Whatever it looks like, I just want to have a two way communication with the community and know that most of my words come in Music but more importanty I do respond to you the listeners :).

With that in mind I'm sure you might be wondering "Why are the genres all over the place?" "Where did you go for countless years?" "Why are their songs with J-Warrior in the title?"  Too answer those simply, I love all sorts of music and will produce whatever I am feelin at the time I guess lol. Mostly I run these songs by my close inner circle before posting so no worries they won't be ear bleeding songs! Secondly I have been busy bouncing between school, choir, work, and just life in general. I am currently figureing out ways of improving my home recording area and trying to get a job because I need monies in order to keep doing this sort of thing believe it or not. Finally I used to title myself J-Warrior waaay back when, for a variety of reasons. First letter of my name is J and also I am a christian so I guess being young I figured "J" could = Jesus XD. Still christian for the record though guys so you might hear the occasional religious piece too ;P

That is all from me for now. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or anything that comes to mind :D Thanks for the listen and keep being awesome!



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2017-08-23 18:38:56

You seem to have been away for a long while. What have you been up to?

Shadow-Colt responds:

A year in college for Fashion design of all things, a full time job that absolutely murdered my energy for music production and well the occasional life crisis with family members. I am doing much better in terms of stability now though. Thanks for asking!